I’m an interaction designer with a background in industrial design. I currently work at Designit Oslo, Norway but have been studying and working in India, Denmark and Sweden for the past few years. I occasionally mentor the fintech startups here in Oslo and otherwise dabble with a few side projects.

I co-founded a start-up in April 2014 to explore new ideas and learn about start-up cultures. I also make and play music, sketch and otherwise help in art production for an independent filmmaker.

I have been using my interaction and industrial design skills and knowledge while working on a variety of projects because design is multifaceted. My interest in sound, art, film and animation has influenced the way I use my tools. To me creativity is a way of holistic thinking and media is it´s expression. I think great design happens when we use empathy, honesty and optimism to craft new experiences. Empathy towards those we design for, honesty with those we design with and optimism to see a project through.

I also love to travel because travelling is a great way of learning about the world around us. It is the antidote to ignorance and the best teacher on how to listen.

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Current Location: Oslo, Norway