Building a Global Office

Cisco systems is a multinational corporate technology company that designs, manufactures and sells high end video conferencing and collaboration products. Designit has partnered with Cisco over the past few years to create award winning products and advanced efficient software solutions.

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Rethinking the onboarding experience

My role in the team at Cisco was to create better onboarding experiences for their latest video conferencing products that was to be launched with a new service called Cisco Spark. The team comprised of 10 developers, 1 visual designer and me. Our mission was to lower the adoption threshold and make the onboarding experience for the Cisco products simpler for all types of users right from ordering the product, opening the box, to setting up the system. We focused on automation before transformation, which aimed to automate complex tasks before enabling users to transform their experiences to make it their own. I also worked closely with the service designers to map out the user journeys and set up frequent user tests.


At Cisco we followed a 2 week sprint and used an Agile UX process to implement and test our design solutions with end users. I held workshops with engineering and design teams around certain key topics like contextual awareness and the importance of content writing to build better user experiences.

Team and IMPACT

Our Team:

  • Viktor Frick (Visual Design)
  • Priyanka Kodikal (Interaction, User Research and Service Design)
  • Unboxing Development team of 10 Developers

Our work was showcased at the Cisco collaboration summit in San Jose, (see here from time 43:43).