The future of workspaces

How might we improve the wellbeing and productivity of an employee by leveraging the data collected from embedded sensors in the workspace? 

 An Internet Of Things Project:

Work environments of today keep a strong legacy from the work environments of industrial times. Based mainly on production, spaces used to be focused on linear processes where A lead to B and communication happened as part of the production chain. This systematic approach to work is what lead to the design of cubicles in the workspace, but times are now changing.

Companies of today require innovation and communication in levels that can only be achieved with flexible and empowering spaces, capable of morphing, and serving employees for a diverse type of activities, while still helping them achieve high levels of communication and mobility. 

Connected spaces is a project that looks into digitally connecting the work space with people. It is a multi-device integrated system used for monitoring spaces and designing policies around how people use the space. It is a quick efficient way to book rooms, find facilities and other employees or staff. By data mining from embedded sensors, this integrated system can help workplace managers to make better decisions around real-estate and resource management.

Note: Currently working on the implementation of this project

Client: Cisco Systems, USA

Role: Leading the team in the design process, UX and Visual Design, Creating User Journeys, User testing, Wire-framing, Prototyping.

Defining the user journeys, gathering insights from interviews, pinning ideas

Wireframing and navigation flows

Wireframes and navigation flow

Interviews, Personas and user testing of the website and app via Lookback.