Ambient sensing for smart cities of tomorrow.

CPHSense is a product of Leapcraft. CPHSense is a sensing platform to measure outdoor or indoor air quality, noise pollution and people presence in a simple and scalable way. Cities worldwide are concerned about quality of living and its impact on both health and productivity. We enable both governmental and private stakeholders to measure and benchmark the environment they live.

CPHSense offers a fully managed IOT cloud service allowing you to monitor, benchmark and analyse a wide range of pollutant and noise in real time. It is pre-integrated to outdoor sensor modules or optionally allows an easy interface setup to existing ones. Through this one can extract insights, get realtime alerts and recognise complex patterns to make better quality control decisions. 


I had multiple roles in this cross-disciplinary team where I worked on UX design, product design, animation and film. During this process, I also learned to work with new tools which helped me improve the outcome of the design deliverable.

For more information, please visit: airsense.leapcraft.dk