A data analytics service to help optimise corporate travel.



FlightSense is a product of Leapcraft. It works with large volumes of raw data combined with meta data from numerous other data sources to build an advance analytics model for corporate travel. FlightSense uses modern big data technologies in tandem with outstanding user experience to give our customers a rich view into their air travel universe. The service allows you to export, report and connect to various enterprise solutions. We can connect and parse a variety of formats to present a comprehensive and elegant data experience. We focus on extracting meaning, taking actions and empowering our customers with an intuitive user experience.

As part of the FlightSense team, my responsibility lay in building and designing the website, as well as the video. I used animation, film and code to bring alive the user interface of the product for user-end demonstrations. Due to the confidential nature of this project I can not showcase the project details on this website.

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