Intel wono

Intel WoNo (Wireless or Nothing) hosted a multidisciplinary research group related to Next Generation Scalable Wireless Infrastructure and Services for Successful Broadband Penetration in India. Comprising of perspectives from technology, social sciences, design, and telecommunications policy.


In emerging countries such as India, where 4G wireless may likely become the main access mechanism for the Internet, the growth and ubiquitous availability of broadband Internet access is expected to be large. This development will fuel innovations in technology, infrastructure, devices as well as services. To fully address and comprehend the social aspects of 4G wireless, it is crucial to understand the role that emerging technology could and should play given unique societal considerations.

The goal of this project is to develop and qualitatively validate concepts related to entertainment based on existing ethnographic knowledge about Indian rural populace, and knowledge of 4G & wireless technological capabilities. Apart from education and health, the two most well-articulated needs that come out of the lower middle class and rural population is entertainment and entrepreneurship. Keeping this in mind, the project objective was to implement a design driven exploration of entertainment space for rural India. Previous experience in projects done on the user, business; design (UBD) driven technology innovation has suggested that using ideas in a feed-forward technique allows end-users to understand the potential of the new technology in ways that were hard for them to understand otherwise. In this method one can seed the end users creative and participatory thinking through ideas generated from our current knowledge of their needs, other stakeholders and the ecosystems needs.

My role in this project was to lead the design research team and develop research probes to create new ideas. We used people-centred design research methods to iterate and produce concepts around entertainment and knowledge sharing for rural audiences. After multiple interviews and prototyping we developed product-service design concepts that is now being implemented in the rural parts of India. Due to the confidential nature of this project I can not showcase the outcome.