nokia wow

Nokia WoW (Ways of Working) aimed to understand the role of cell phones in the emerging market sector and it's impact on work cultures at a personal and business level in various levels of society. This research focused on uses and behaviours with the given technology based on their profession and cultural background.


The impact of mobile technologies and devices on how work gets done has been revolutionary. The mobile phone has enabled people from all backgrounds to efficiently monitor and do their daily tasks. The increase in efficiency of the work force in the emerging market sector in India has shown enormous benefits to the economy. Economic studies are reporting a positive correlation between connectivity and GDP. Anecdotal "success stories" of how dabbawalas, farmers, artisans, extension workers, traveling salespersons, social workers, etc have adopted and adapted these technologies to enhance their efficacy and productivity abound on the media. As "anywhere, anytime" connectivity percolates to the remotest and lowest sections of our population, and with each new generation of devices, services and infrastructure, its impact on "work" will keep unfolding--in expected and unexpected ways. In brief, "how we work" is undergoing a profound transformation across the spectrum. The westerns world has several tools to run business but the non-IT penetrated world has started to use mobile for voice today. With 3G soon available, the small businesses will discover the wide applicability of mobile devices to bring prosperity and create more business for them. How will the users adapt the consumer-oriented devices to run and utilize to run their business?

The aim of this project was to research into the current trend of innovative uses of the mobile phone among different work forces and to develop services and tools that can support their tasks efficiently. Cultural probes and research tools were developed to gather information from the research participants. From this a series of concepts and prototypes were made and tested on the field. Due to the confidential nature of this project I can not showcase the outcome.