A playful pollen forecast app that automatically sources localised data to keep you updated on the go.


Hay Fever affects more than 30% of the population globally. However the current system that exists around pollen forecasting is pretty archaic with generalised readings across countries and regions. Until now there has been a scarcity of good data that can help people locally. 

Sneezy is a pollen forecast app that sends you pollen forecasts depending on your geographical location. By tracking your GPS location, Sneezy collects data from nearby reliable pollen databases and updates you on the current forecast. The pollen movement in the app coincides with the wind speeds at that moment giving you an idea how fast the pollen could be spreading. 

By quickly logging how you feel, you can begin to understand how different pollen amounts in the air affect your health. This data is saved and can later be viewed in your history. Your history is an aggregate of data showing your body’s reactions to pollen stored by you. It gives you an idea on how your health has been affected by the different kinds of pollen in the air in it’s varying amounts in different seasons. Sneezy also helps you understand and control your allergy thresholds making it easier for you to see what kind of pollen you are allergic to, automatically alerting you when the pollen count moves above your threshold. You can adjust these thresholds manually in your settings according to pollen reactions felt over time. With Sneezy, you can learn more about your allergies, helping you prevent hay fever and allowing you to make better healthier decisions everyday.


Our aim was to make an app that was simple, yet taking full advantage of the smartphone to provide new experiences. After the first interviews, planning , user journey flows and wireframes the team began to work on the visual design, pixel pushing on photoshop and illustrator. We researched on various visual potentials like buttons, sliders, interactive animations and data visualisation for the pollen data to create a new experience for the users. Colour, typography and alignments were also discussed to sustain a simple and balanced design. The interface was animated and prototyped for the final presentation.

Advisors: Timm Kekeritz, Frank Rausch, Raureif