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ENIN, News Analysis for Investment Analysis

Ok, so this is not the best looking interface but it´s what traders, stock brokers and investment enthusiasts look at on multiple screens to get a deeper insight into how real-time news and publications affects the market.

Enin gives insight into what is happening in the financial markets through automated real-time monitoring and analysis of news and social media. More about the company here:

For 2 days, a few of us from Designit coached the start-up finalists from the fintech factory incubator programme. We gave them quick tools and tips on how to evaluate their ideas through an iterative process. I worked with two start-up companies on helping them visualise their value proposition from an end user´s perspective. We made user journeys, and mock-ups of the interface with which we asked them to go out and test their assumptions. The winner of the programme was ENIN, who we guided for the next steps.