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A 2 day co-creation workshop with Enin, A fintech start-up in Norway. My role was to mentor them about the design process and design prototypes of their concept. This initiative was a collaboration between Designit Oslo and Fintech Factory.

ENIN, News Analysis for Investment Analysis

Goal: Designing the interface for traders, stock brokers and investment enthusiasts to get a deeper insight into how real-time news and publications affects the market.

Client: Enin gives insight into what is happening in the financial markets through automated real-time monitoring and analysis of news and social media. More about the company here:

Scope: For 2 days, a service designer and I from Designit coached the start-up finalists from the fintech factory incubator programme. We gave them quick tools and tips on how to evaluate their ideas through an iterative process. I worked with two start-up companies on helping them visualise their value proposition from an end user´s perspective. We made user journeys, and mock-ups of the interface with which we asked them to go out and test their assumptions. The winner of the programme was ENIN, who we guided further to plan their next steps.

Service Design Mentor: Maria Bjørklund

UX Design Mentor: Priyanka Kodikal