Titan experience zone

Immersive Titan flagship store where visitors can experience, explore and learn about Titan products, philosophy, values, history, innovations, communication and more.


Titan Industries is a leading watch brand and lifestyle accessory company in India. In 2009 the company decided to create an experiential zone that engages its visitors in a journey, which starts very emotionally and develops adaptively, offering more and more information about the company as the visitor explores the space. The Titan Experiece Zone is an immersive brand experience that speaks about the titan history, philosophy and impact. 

The flagship store has five areas:

An emotional experience into the concept of time. 
This space offers the first direct glimpse into Titan, it's story and history.
Focus on the aspect of precision and technology. 
Interviews and stories of the people of Titan.
Enhances the story of Titan's vision and it's impact.


As an product and interface design intern I got to work with the design team from Titan where we developed concepts and built prototypes for the Titan Experience Zone. My role was to develop concepts and build quick flash based interactive prototypes to demonstrate the interaction between the viewer and the installations. The Titan experience zone is still open on Hosur Road, Bangalore and attracts many customers from various backgrounds.

Advisors: Badal Suchak